About the artist

Georgia Youngs in studioWelcome to the online art gallery for artist Georgia Youngs. Georgia is a successful artist, former gallery & art school owner and artist representative. Using her talents and business skills she has built an all encompassing consulting service helping artists market themselves, new gallery owners establish their galleries, and art groups become more focused. She has also developed art curriculums for institutions and planned, executed and managed many successful and varied events.

After years spent as a registered nurse, Georgia decided it was time to follow her first dream as a child. She found an art school that could accommodate her nursing schedule and signed up for her first art class. It was as though a damn of creativity had opened. She soon found she was spending more and more time painting and less and less time as a nurse. Within 6 months she had her first solo show at a local gallery and was teaching small classes at the school she joined. It was overwhelming. As her reputation grew she was frequently invited to teach at other institutions. Before long, not only was the response from her students staggering but the demand for her work was so great it was obvious she needed to open her own studio and art school. The space became the first of what would be four such businesses, she aptly called Georgia’s Studio Gallery.

She entered and was accepted into many curated/juried art shows. She created quite a niche for herself rendering old family photos in sepia tones using soft pastels. It was the main stay of her business for many years. With the advent of discovering acrylics she soon found the vibrant colours opened a whole new vista for her. She continued with her portraiture but found she delighted in painting florals in acrylic.

Working from her own photography, her style — classified as Magic Realism — has matured over the years. Her latest images show her ongoing desire to find new ways to use the acrylic medium while inventing new perspectives for the viewer.

When I paint I see only lines, design and colour. It all seems quite abstract to me. I am caught up in the methodology of how to render colour, tone and form. It always amazes me when I stand back from my work that it has an actual shape of a flower or leaf. In my earlier work I focused more on the flower now the focus has shifted and is more on the leaves and design. Although my work is representational I consider it more abstract in form. — Georgia Youngs