Art marketing manual

Combining over 30 years of art marketing Georgia developed an informative, easy to read manual called The Artist’s Handbook – the complete guide on marketing and promotion. Learn how to make a living from your art. This manual has helped countless artists understand the “business of art” and how to market their work. Order your copy today – and start taking those first steps toward successfully marketing and selling your work.

The Artist’s Handbook – the complete guide on marketing and promotion
Feeling isolated? Want to sell your work but unsure of how to go about it? This manual is a must read! Aptly named it offers advice on how to establish yourself as a serious artist, leading to how you can easily market your own work. The manual is like taking one of Georgia’s well sought after marketing seminars but with all the advantages of being able to read it at your leisure.

The Artist’s Handbook reveals insightful and inspiring marketing ideas just for artists. Georgia encourages you to think outside the box, helping you to eliminate those attitudes that hold you back from being a successful marketer of your own work. Included are sections on how to approach an art gallery, how to find art grants and how to critique your own work for better success.

The Artist’s Handbook will help you launch yourself as an established artist and conquer those fears you can’t sell your own work!

For a very small investment, The Artist’s Handbook can be yours @ $65.00 cdn + taxes + SH.

To order The Artist’s Handbook now, contact Georgia at (604) 669-3799 or email: