Frederick H. Varley, Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay

Frederick H. Varley, Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay, 20 x 24 x 1 inches, by Georgia Youngs

In January 2020, upon hearing the news it was the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, I knew immediately I wanted to create a Tribute project to celebrate it. I decided to replicate 20 of their paintings.

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Then COVID 19 hit in March and I was in isolation. Copying their iconic images became the saving grace that helped me through the long five months of my isolation.

Once completed, my dreams and hopes were that the collection would be seen by more than my students and friends. I decided that using a video, rather than an email and still photos, would better tell my story, and also showcase the paintings I replicated.

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My hope is that organizations and public galleries will see the value of using my Project/ collection as a way to encourage local folks to come through your doors. Not only is it a great collection in celebration of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson’s 100th Anniversary, but it is also a story how one person used the anniversary to survive through the long months of isolation.

Both stories are meant, in their telling, to give hope to others, something I feel we all need now to help us through this pandemic.